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Which Style?


Motorcycle goggles, motorcycle sunglasses, or over the glasses goggles?


What Lenses?


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Finding your perfect motorcycle goggles or sunglasses is easy - just use my 3 tips to choose the ones that are right for you








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Motorcycle Goggles & Sunglasses Video Transcript


3 Tips to choose the best motorcycle goggles & sunglasses for you 



Summer means SUN, and it means your sun glasses!


But, if you're on a motorcycle, Summer means Sun PLUS Speed!


And, that requires protection of your eyes, not just from the sun rays, but also from the high speed airflow that tucks in behind the lenses and, at minimum, makes your eyes water or, at worst, drives high velocity grit and bugs into your eyes.


So, instead of wearing your sunglasses, let me introduce you to 'Eyewear for Speed': Bobster Sunglasses and Goggles.


And, these are the three steps to choose yours:

1/ Decide on the Shape. 

2/ Decide on the type of Lens. 

3/ Are you buying one or two? 


So let's go through the Bobster range.


First of all: This is what makes Bobster different


🕶️ The lenses are polycarbonate, designed for active sport.

🕶️ They come with a lifetime warranty. Bobster believe in their own product.

🕶️They're priced for the real world. These are sensibly priced products that are absolutely affordable.

🕶️ And, if you are a glasses wearer like me, you can exchange the lenses on a whole host of these products for prescription lenses.

👉 Done reading? See the Bobster range now > Click here 🔗


Decide on the Shape


So, let me take you through the range: As the first step, you have to decide what type of Bobster glasses you're interested in. You've got Shades, Goggles, and Over-the-Glasses goggles, which go over your existing prescription glasses.


Decide on the Lens


The second step is to decide whether you're going to go for a particularly defined shading of tinted, clear or amber, or whether you're going

to go for a lens that darkens with the UV lights.


Choose 2 pairs & save


And lastly, you've got to decide whether at that value you're buying just 1 or you're buying complementary sunglasses or goggles to see you through summer. 


The Bobster Sunglasses

But, let me take you through the different options: You've got Shades: a traditional pair of sunglasses. UV protected, of course, on the lens. And, around the lens there is closed-foam padding in order to keep the air flow out and away from your eyes. You can have these either with an elasticated strap, that comes in and out of the temple arms, and makes these sunglasses equipped,

for instance, for taking them onto jet skis. Or, you can have them without that feature. But, for instance, with a photochromic lens.

These are by far their most popular shades. They're called Fat Boy. They're photochromic, meaning they go dark in the sunlight.

👉 Done reading? See the Bobster range now > Click here 🔗


The Bobster Over-The-Goggles Goggles

Second up, Over-the-Glasses goggles: The idea is that you fit your existing prescription glasses inside this opening.

The goggles provide UV protection, of course, and airflow protection around the edge, with this foam padding. Not all of the prescription glasses will fit in there, but a lot of them do, about 80%. The decisive measurement is the one from left to right, and you see on the product page what the maximum can be. They're delivered with exchangeable lenses so you don't have to go for tinted all the time. They come with amber and clear included in the packaging.  

👉 Done reading? See the Bobster range now > Click here 🔗


The Bobster Goggles

And, lastly you've got traditional Goggles. The decisive factor is that they don't come with temple arms. They only come with an elasticated strap. And, some of them come with a fixed lens, and then you choose the lens colour you want. Some models come with a range of exchange lenses including clear, amber and of course tinted lenses.

👉 Done reading? See the Bobster range now > Click here 🔗






Where that leaves you is this: All the  decisions are almost all made:


🕶️ What shape are you after?

🕶️ What lens are you after?

🕶️ And, lastly, are you going to buy 1 or 2? 


So, choose well and check out the savings code to sweeten the deal a little bit for you today because you've watched the video. 😎